Academic Coaching & Mentoring

Students face different challenges and through years of experience, a future focused approach is taken in finding solutions. Listening, discussing and motivating you to think about your aspirations and your goals for the journey ahead.

Academic coaching is a personalized, one-on-one meeting that focuses on the process of learning that can help you improve your skills and performance whether you are in school or higher education. Coaching can help you study smarter by developing skills in time management, goal setting, career pathing and test preparation.

Together with my help, students examine their learning styles, habits of working, and current difficulties or barriers to success. An important component of academic coaching is to help you understand how to manage your time and how to work on your own, remotely/independently (space and technology) and how this impacts your studies. This is important because with stress and nervousness it is easy for all of us to spin our wheels and accomplish less.

In coaching, it can also be important to examine and reinforce some clear study skills, such as: reading for comprehension, developing a successful writing process, taking and reviewing notes, preparing for assessments and managing the test taking process whether it’s online or in a classroom situation. Another important aspect of academic coaching relates to strategic thinking, problem solving, and learning to work effectively and collaboratively with other students.

One-to-one Coaching

Coaching is a powerful and effective development tool which bridges the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in the future. It will expand your leadership and communication skills to build greater trust, improve delegation and create more time for strategy.

Coaching one-to-one is designed to support an honest examination of performance and what is stopping change being made. Coaching sessions are usually scheduled monthly (either face-to-face or online) and last from 60 – 90 minutes. The number of session depends upon you and will be explored during the initial consultation meeting.

If you are a student with disabilities or you are struggling in ways that cause you or your parents, teachers and lecturers, to believe there is more going on than simple course difficulty, kindly contact me and ask about academic coaching and advice!